Globalance Future Mover

Investing in Future Winners 

Globalance does not invest in the past, but in future movers. These are companies that successfully respond to worldwide megatrends and develop solutions for global challenges such as urbanization, digitization and resource scarcity. With future-oriented and innovative concepts, they are replacing outdated business models and while achieving a positive footprint.

In which Megatrends does Globalance Invest invest?

According to the latest science, nine relevant megatrends can be distinguished, which are fundamentally changing the world as we know it. Globalance makes targeted investments in companies that play a positive role in these paradigm shifts – and thus become part of the solution. In this way, our clients achieve a double benefit that not only increases the value of their assets, but also positively shapes the future.


New Mobility


Scarcity of Resources


Knowledge-Based Society

Climate & Energy



Would you like to successfully invest into Megatrends?

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