Investment Philosophy

Our New World

Our world is changing at a rapid pace. Digitalization, environmental destruction, trade disputes and new technologies are shaping our lives and thus our future like never before.

Today, a sustainable investment portfolio must
withstand stronger storms and find new and different
sources of return than in the past. Old structures are being replaced by new paradigms. Cards are being reshuffled. Global Megatrends such as urbanization, digitization and
scarcity of resources are impacting business models and the competitiveness of companies, industries and countries.

If you want to successfully grow your wealth today, you have to rethink your investment strategy.

Future Movers

Globalance invests in future movers. These are companies that successfully respond to worldwide megatrends and develop solutions for global challenges. With our investment strategy, you make targeted investments in new growth areas, such as new mobility, liveable megacities, resource-saving products and many other innovative business models that generate a positive footprint.

Globalance Footprint

The world is not only a marketplace, but also a home. Every investment has an impact and every shareholder therefore has a responsibility. For its clients, Globalance invests in assets that have a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment. This effect is measured by the Globalance Footprint®. An analysis and information tool developed by Globalance that provides transparent information about the impact of each investment.

Financial Quality

An asset is only sustainable if it also has a financial quality. For this reason, all investments must stand up to rigorous financial analysis. Only if valuation, return on investment, balance sheet quality, sales growth and many more criteria meet strict requirements, do investments qualify for your portfolio.

Sustainable Portfolios

The world of tomorrow is coming faster than most people think. But many portfolios are still invested in the past and contain future risks. With Globalance’s investment philosophy and track record, we build sustainable portfolios that are well prepared for our changing world. This enables clients to achieve a double return.

Global Diversification

In order to spread investment risks, it is advisable to diversify assets across asset classes, regions, countries, sectors and even individual investment instruments. Globalance’s client portfolios are globally oriented and therefore benefit from the best investments we can identify worldwide.

Globalance Portfolios

invest in relevant future topics and are broadly diversified

have a positive footprint and achieve a positive impact

have an above-average return potential due to investment in future movers

“We enable investors to successfully invest in forward-looking companies that are solving global challenges and shaping a positive future.”

With a discretionary mandate …

The Implementation in the form of an individual mandate is suitable for portfolios of EUR 300,000 or more and is tailored to your personal investment profile. For smaller investment amounts, we offer two fund-based solutions.

… or with investment funds

For those starting to build wealth, we also offer our investment philosophy in the form of mutual funds. You can purchase these funds both from Globalance and from your bank.  

Equity Fund

D&R Globalance Zukunftbeweger

The Zukunftbeweger fund is a pure equity fund that invests in nine exciting megatrends and consists of around 70 equally weighted companies with a positive footprint.

Asset management should be more than just investing money; this is also confirmed by the growing need for effective use of assets. This involves both the selection of high-quality companies with sustainable business models and the careful use of natural resources. We are happy to support you in this.