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Invest for the future

Our world is changing rapidly, that is why we need to adopt new perspectives when investing.

Topics such as energy, climate, resources or diversity are becoming increasingly important and are also influencing the return on portfolios. As an owner-managed Swiss private bank, we support our clients in successfully investing in the future and achieving a positive footprint for the economy, the society and the environment.

Expertise from over 25 years of sustainability

Our founders are pioneers of sustainable investing, and the topic of sustainability is even anchored in our Articles of Association. We have been global pioneers in many innovations and new developments in this field and have helped shape the debate around sustainability in the financial market. We now know every nook and cranny of this complex investment topic and advise private clients, foundations, families and institutional investors.

Our clients not only generate market returns, but also a positive impact on the economy, the society and the environment.

You benefit from the expertise of an experienced team and exceptional transparency regarding your investments. The exclusive focus on sustainable investments with our decades-long track record is unique in the financial industry.

Our Services

Discretionary mandates

The client funds are invested according to strict criteria of sustainability, financial quality and positive impact on the economy, the society and the environment.

Investment funds

With the D&R Globalance Zukunftbeweger fund, you invest in companies that are active in strongly growing megatrends and contribute to a positive future with their products and services.

Future Check

Let us analyse your current investment portfolio for sustainability and future viability. We will show you the risks, footprint and transparency of the reported and often hidden costs. We will also be happy to show you potential for optimisation.

Asset planning

You can get advice for all wealth planning issues. This includes pension provision, taxes or financial planning as well as the asset allocation into all relevant asset classes.

The Portfolio Future Check

Take a free future check of your current portfolio. We review your investments with regard to their sustainability and future viability, uncover unnecessary risks in the portfolio and expose the level of your hidden costs.

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