Werner Hedrich

Managing Director

Marcel Seckinger

Our actions as human beings in daily life have consequences. The same applies to the investment of assets.


Werner Hedrich was CEO of Morningstar in Germany and Austria from 2011 – 2018. Morningstar is a global research, analysis and financial information company. In collaboration with research colleagues, W. Hedrich launched a Morningstar ESG rating for mutual funds in 2016 to create a uniform and transparent research standard.

Prior to becoming Managing Director, W. Hedrich spent six years establishing and managing research for Morningstar in German-speaking Europe. Prior to that, he had worked as a market strategist, equity sales and equity analyst. W. Hedrich graduated as a political scientist from the Free University of Berlin and studied European Sciences in Brussels.

„I am convinced of the goal of the Globalance Bank team, which they passionately pursue with innovation and visionary thinking: Resolving the tension between profit-driven investment and social responsibility. Our actions as human beings in our daily lives have consequences. The same applies to the investment of assets. Buying and selling stocks or bonds affects the cost of financing companies. If, for example, the cost of capital for coal production rises – as a result of lower investor demand – then companies with alternative energies will develop as a consequence. The old CO2-heavy energies will be displaced. An investment process with future-oriented analysis criteria is thus risk management par excellence. At the same time, investors have left a forward-looking footprint.“