Laila Ghaleb

Consultant Marketing & Client Services

Pia Monasso Peter Zollinger

„It’s important not only to follow trends but also to actively shape them to achieve a sustainable and successful future. Creative approaches and innovative ideas can set standards in the financial industry and inspire positive change.“


As a Consultant for Marketing & Client Services, Laila Ghaleb acts as the central interface between Switzerland, Germany and our B2B partners. She is responsible for the marketing at Globalance Invest, organizing our events, handling customer onboarding and supporting portfolio managers.

With extensive experience in marketing, communication and customer services in IT and technical industries, she brings solid expertise and an innovative perspective to her work.

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Information Management and Corporate Communication from the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm, she is well-equipped to deploy her skills effectively.

„Sustainability and innovation play a significant role in my life. As a member of the team at Globalance Invest, I am proud to be part of an organization that not only seeks financial returns but also aims to have a positive impact on our world. The work goes beyond traditional investing.“