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As an excellent asset manager in the ELITE REPORT extra

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Globalance Invest GmbH is presented in the renowned ELITE REPORT extra as an excellent asset manager: Find out in our article which companies are supported by Globalance Invest and how you can invest specifically in companies that are driving groundbreaking developments. Read more in our report and discover the exciting opportunities of sustainable investments.

The pioneers of sustainable and future-oriented investing – Globalance

Globalance Invest is the German subsidiary of the owner-managed Swiss private bank Globalance. The team has been involved in forward-looking investments and sustainability for almost 30 years. We invest in future-oriented topics and companies with attractive return potential and a positive footprint. We have also been at home in Munich since 2017. The managing director is Werner Hedrich, previously CEO of Morningstar in Germany and Austria for 14 years.

Illustration of our investment philosophy with the three dimensions Footprint, Financial Quality and Future Movers.

Anyone who wants to successfully build up and preserve wealth today must realign their investments.

Our new world brings a paradigm shift – also for your investments

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Digitalisation, environmental destruction, trade conflictsand new technologies are shaping our lives like never before and thus our future. Global megatrends such as urbanisation, digitalisation or resource scarcity are influencing the business models and competitiveness of companies, industries and countries. A change in thinking is necessary for the successful investment of assets. Investments also need to be realigned.

In a unique combination of precisely these so-called future-mover companies, with the additional focus on climate and a sustainable footprint, as well as the highest financial quality standards, the Globalance portfolios are put together and managed according to the investment objectives of our clients.

Transparency for the impact of your investments

Globalance has not only won multiple awards for the quality of its investments, but the team has also been able to set new standards in the areas of sustainability and innovation in recent years.

A particular focus is on transparency in portfolio composition and reporting. Globalance World was launched in 2020 as a world first. The Google Earth of asset management shows investors the impact and development of their investments in all details – especially with regard to climate, footprint and megatrends.

Globalance Invest clients include private investors, entrepreneurs, family associations, visionaries, foundations, family offices and hopefully you in the future.

Werner Hedrich and his team look forward to hearing from you. They will be happy to analyse the footprint of your assets and prepare a personal investment proposal for you.

Werner Hedrich

Managing Director


+49 89 287 00 99 00

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