Christoph Blättler

Member Investment Committee Portfolio Management

Thomas Pfyl Marcel Seckinger

Together with our strong team and focus on long-term success, we achieve one hit after another for our customers.


As chairman of the investment committee, Christoph Blättler is in charge of portfolio management at Globalance Bank and bears responsibility for our investment process.

Christoph Blättler has a firm grasp of his metier. After all, he’s been involved in it for many years. Before joining our team in 2013, he spent a decade at Bank Vontobel AG, where he was Head of Portfolio Management Private Banking and a voting member of the Group-wide Investment Committee for all asset classes and also sat on the Alternative Investment Committee. He supervised the company’s Portfolio Construction, Portfolio Implementation, Alternative Investments and Portfolio Management units in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria.

This former hobby football goalie knows how to keep many balls in the air at the same time: for instance, at Bank Vontobel Christoph Blättler also shared responsibility for the build-up of the bank’s Investment Consulting and Strategic Investment Solutions units – and at the time introduced the new dynamic portfolio management mandate at Vontobel. Prior to joining Bank Vontobel, he was largely responsible for special mandates at Clariden Bank in its Portfolio Management division.

Christoph Blättler earned a degree in economics from the University of Applied Sciences in Bern and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Already as a young goalkeeper it was clear to me: defence is the team’s linchpin. However, only with a strong offence does the team make headway over the long term. And that’s the way it is also at Globalance Bank: risk management is the linchpin. But together our strong team, with its focus on long-term success, scores goal after goal on behalf of our clients.“