David Hertig

Member Investment Committee Asset Management

Peter Zollinger Werner Hedrich

„At Globalance Bank, we can offer our many years of experience to discerning and far-sighted private clients, which makes me very happy.“


As a founding partner, David Hertig has been with Globalance Bank since day one. As Head of Investments, he is in charge of portfolio management and investment selection. 

For years, David Hertig has devoted his efforts to impact-oriented investments. Already at SAM Group, he headed the Business and Product Development unit, bore responsibility for strategy development at the Group level, and conceived investment approaches with a focus on alternative investments and theme-based funds. In addition, he structured financial vehicles in various fund jurisdictions (Luxembourg, USA, Australia).

David Hertig started at SAM Group as Business Development Manager, a position in which he negotiated cooperative ventures and designed the structures for corporate development as well as strategic project management. He also held the post of Secretary of the Board of Directors.

David Hertig holds a degree in economics from the University of St. Gallen (lic. oec. HSG) and is a chartered financial analyst (CFA®).

„For 15 years now, I’ve been involved in the development and implementation of new-generation investment strategies. Already in 2006, we conceived a global investment portfolio free of CO2 risks for one of Australia’s largest pension funds. Another challenge was the task of working up on behalf of a major Swiss reinsurer an investment strategy that protects against the risks of insured natural hazards. Inclusion of the ‹impact› of investments in the portfolio management process opens up entirely new horizons for investors. At Globalance Bank, we can now apply our years of experience also to the benefit of demanding, far-sighted private clients – an opportunity that pleases me greatly.“